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 Our Story


There is a better way


Professionals to connect with Professionals

Referrals don't keep you connected or protected.  Relationships do. 

That's why we created 1Team Professionals.

Our "Leading Principles of Passion" are to Serve, Solve and Surround

Serve - Helping your clients achieve their goals

Solve - Offering professional solutions 

Surround - Filling in the gaps by leveraging our team of experts, experience and expertise around your client.

As a 1Team Professionals, PRO ARM (Active Relationship Member) you don't have to be the expert.  We surround you with professionals who know how to solve real business problems. We help you "Complete the Connection" with your client. Your relationship allows you to be integrated and compensated in the process. 1Team highlights you as the go to person for all your clients professional needs. You are aligned with  trustworthy experts, who have the experience and expertise with products and services that provide solutions. 

"Team Work makes 1 Team Work."


Complete the Connection

We help you complete your client connection with Products, Services, Technology, Relationships and our Professional Experts. Our focus is to execute, distribute, integrate and compensate.

"Team Work makes 1 Team Work."


Create & Develop MSI  

A secret to accumulating wealth is by creating and developing  Multiple Sources of passive and residual Income. Our 1Team vision is your vision.  What do you see?  Position yourself by creating, leading and developing an awareness within your network and with our professionals for additional potential and success?  MSI.will allow you to sustain and thrive through the good times and bad times.

"Team Work makes 1 Team Work."

Our Purpose

A Daily Discovery of who we can help.

1Team Professionals are dedicated to serving by helping your clients achieve their goals.  We share financial rewards for heightened awareness, trust and confidence in our TEAM.

"Team Work makes 1 Team Work."

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