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Small Business Funding Letter for Corona Virus Relief



Address City, State Zip


To _______________:

I am writing to you at the request of  _(business name)___________________. The purpose of this letter is to provide to you with information about the last 3 months payroll paid as required for the payroll relief requested by the taxpayer.

In addition, I provide the enclosed detailed list and amount of operating expenses as reported by the taxpayer for relief funds and as compiled by me.

This information to be used for verification purposes was not audited by me. The last 3 months payroll were as reported by the taxpayer in accordance with the applicable IRS rules and regulations for filing with the IRS for the 3 month reporting period. In addition the operating expenses as request/reported have been reported by the taxpayer as having been incurred.

Any use by you of _(Business Name)________ request for payroll and operating fund relief as requested by the taxpayer and this letter is solely a matter of your responsibility and judgment. This letter is not intended to establish a client relationship with you nor is it intended to establish any obligation on my part to provide any future information to you with regard to (business name)__________.


Sincerely, ____________________ (Firm Name)

cc: ____________________ (Client)

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